Apply now for vacant trade apprenticeships in Brisbane

Our range of apprenticeships and traineeships is varied from automotive to roofing. Yet, in the most popular and competitive positions are, we excel.

It’s the 25 years of industry experience and network connections in Brisbane that give us the ability to place a construction apprentice, carpenter and electrician or help you begin that plumbing apprenticeship.

Spark up an electrician apprenticeship

Whether you have an idea of what electrical field you want to specialise, or you are still looking for smart advice, we can help.

  • Commercial or residential electrical wiring
  • Stationary machine and production line electrician
  • Installation, maintenance and repair of electrical components
  • Mobile infrastructure electrician – ships, airplanes
  • Electrical caballing for information technology data

Unclog your career options become a plumbing apprentice

By starting a plumbing apprenticeship, will be joining an industry that is worth about $13 billion within Australia.

Plumbing is known as an industry that provides the arteries for national growth. Installation and maintenance of fixtures and fittings that are used to distribute the liquids and gases that power progress.

Build a future in Brisbane with a construction apprenticeship

The construction industry is hitting all-time highs within Australia, meaning now is the perfect time to apply for a construction apprenticeship.

Growth is currently sitting at about 3.7% in an industry worth around $340 billion. We can help you start a long and lucrative construction career, if you have designs on running your own company or are simply looking for a career change.

Become an apprentice carpenter in Brisbane

Working with your hands, with natural products is an enviable career option. Beginning as a carpenter apprentice is a rewarding and fulfilling option, with high rates of work satisfaction.

Working with timber products from a joiner, to a shipwright and restoration, becoming a carpenter provides a skill for life and multiple possibilities for revenue streams – from private to industrial.

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