Hassle Free Management

About Us

Hassle Free Apprentice Management offers a service to those businesses who want to directly employ their apprentice and take advantage of the incentives offered by the Government, but do not want to be distracted from their core role by the complicated and often confusing legal and administrative obligations that are involved.

With thirty years experience, managing over 15,000 apprentices, you can rest assured that your new employees are in safe hands and that they will receive the very highest standard of service from our skilled Apprenticeship Coordinators. We take care to ensure that our coordinators manage only the number of apprentices that enables them to give the kind of service that sets us apart from other service providers.

Quality, Service and Flexibility is at the core of our business and is reflected through our staffing, which comprises specialists in the areas of Engineering, Construction, Hospitality and Business Administration.

The Hassle Free Apprentice Management service:

The recruitment of your apprentice (if not already employed)
  • Our sourcing team has extensive resources available to them to attract the right applicants and then conduct relevant testing and interviewing to shortlist those individuals who will meet your businesses specific needs
We ensure you get all eligible Government Incentives
  • We relieve you of the burden of constant contact with Government departments and ensure that you receive every applicable incentive available
We help you avoid the massive fines under the Fair Work Act
  • Initial consultation and ongoing support to offer guidance that will help to protect your business from breaches of the Fair Work Act and the very real threat of crippling fines

We provide Hassle Free management of your apprentices:

We do all the paperwork
  • Complex paperwork combined with strict deadlines makes for a confusing and frustrating blend. By leaving this to us, you not only guarantee meeting your legal obligations, but also ensure that your apprentices have access to all funding that they are entitled to for tools, equipment and expenses where applicable
We ensure you get all eligible Government Incentives
  • We relieve you of the burden of constant contact with Government departments and ensure that you receive every applicable incentive available
We handle all college matters
  • We relieve you of the hassle of organising your apprentices college time, ensuring that their training records are up to date and that they are completing this part of their apprenticeship at the appropriate time
We help mentor your apprentice
  • With thirty years of experience managing apprentices, we have helped over 15,000 young people through this process. We know and understand the concerns and issues that they may have and are ready to offer guidance and support to help them
We help resolve problems
  • Sometimes issues arise that need an informed third party to help before the escalate. We offer counselling services to your apprentices, giving them a forum to explain their problems and you the opportunity to set out your concerns in a calm and impartial environment
We provide a tailored service to suit your needs
  • Every business and every apprentice is different. By maintaining an appropriate case load for our Apprenticeship Coordinators, we can ensure that they give you a bespoke service to meet your unique needs

Information for Apprentices

Become an Apprentice or Trainee
Your opportunity to earn serious money!
A career in the trades is your pathway to an exciting future and your opportunity to earn serious money. You have the ability to work in your chosen field immediately – you don’t have to wait to get qualified.
Hassle Free Apprentice Management understands that most young people find it hard to make decisions about jobs, training and who to trust for advice.
We’ve been around since 1986 and have trained and placed more than 15,000 young people in the workforce. Many have gone on to achieve great success owning their own susbstanital businesses! Our friendly, experienced people can help you to make the right choices!… Even while you are still at school, through school based apprenticeships.
If you want a good, secure job, in an industry of your choice, with the chance to make some serious money to get what you want sooner, we are ready to help.

Hassle Free Apprentice Management will:

  • Help you choose the right job and trades
  • Employ you and pay you an attractive industry approved wage
  • Place you with one of our reputable host employers while on our payroll
  • Provide the training and on the job skills to gain nationally recognised qualifications
  • Help you gain full time work after your training is complete