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In aiming to provide you with the highest quality staff to suit your specific needs, Smart Employment Solutions:

1.  Will meet with you in order to gain a detailed understanding of your business and identify positions that may be legitimately filled with apprentices or trainees. Working in conjunction with you, we will develop a profile of the right person for your business.

2.  We will then utilise the information supplied by you to cross match with our available candidates and select the best applicants for the position. A shortlist of those applicants will then be presented to you, allowing you to make your final choice.

3. Commence the apprentice or trainee working with you. We pay their wages, take care of all paperwork, and coordinate their training and undertake performance monitoring. An Employment Officer is assigned to maintain regular contact with you and your apprentice, to provide assistance where and when appropriate.

4. Should your staffing needs increase or decrease, we can act swiftly to assist you and your business. If this means you no longer require the apprentice or trainee, we will work with them to find further employment. All we ask for is 10 working days’ notice.