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It’s Tim and Scott here from the Youngcare Development Team, and we are pumped to be bringing you the latest edition of ‘What’s Hot with Tim & Scott’ for the Youngcare Apartments Gold Coast!
In case you missed our first instalment, you can check it out in Video.
Of course, what was hot then is still hot now. But, with things heating up even more on site, we thought we would send you this new update, in the hope that the sheer awesomeness of the news does not burn a dirty great hole in your inbox…
It has certainly been a very busy few months here at Youngcare, with many milestones reached thanks to the generous support of Smart Employment Solutions.
Since the pouring of the concrete slab in early August, it’s been all systems go on site. It’s hard to believe how quickly the Apartments have progressed, particularly over the past three months. Things are rocketing along quickly. Even quicker than we are able to demolish two cheese and tomato sandwiches from the Coomera smoko van.
The biggest news so far? We are so close to completing the building phase right now – the roofing, windows, and wall and ceiling linings are complete. Painting and tiling is also now nearly finished. This is a milestone moment in the construction phase of the Apartments, which would not have been possible without the support of generous businesses like yours.
A sneak peak of what’s to come (legs on roof not included)
The team on site have been working hard, incredibly hard, so we have been trying to keep everyone energised, organising visits from The Red Bull Wings Team and ‘The Kernel’ himself. Ok, maybe not ‘The Kernel’, but our wonderful supporters from Collins Foods Group were very considerate in shouting the workers a KFC feast for lunch recently.
Construction team digs into a Kentucky fried feast for lunch, courtesy of Collins Foods Group.
Workers are given wings thanks to the Red Bull Wings Team.
With landscaping, tiling, and plastering now underway, it won’t be long until seven young people will have a new place to call home, where they can choose how they live and receive care.
You may have noticed that our supporter signage is up on site. A second round of signage will also be added to the fencing soon, featuring some of our supporters who have more recently made contributions to the project. This signage will be up just in time for our ‘Thank you, you’re the Best!” barbeque on December 15, which will be a chance to let your hair down and celebrate the success of the year that was. We hope to see you there! (You can RSVP here)
We would like to take this opportunity to thank PBS Building and, in particular, Project Manager Michael Morin and Site Foreman George Isaac, for keeping the project progressing smoothly and for their continued support of our work.
And, of course, a huge thanks to YOU, for your contribution to the Youngcare Apartments Gold Coast. You are playing such an important role in creating choice in care and housing options for young Australians with high care needs.
We can’t wait to share our next update with you, when the Apartments will be even closer to completion!
But if you just can’t wait for the next instalment of What’s Hot with Tim and Scott, you can visit our website for all the latest on-site photos by clicking here.
We are so grateful for the support of Smart Employment Solutions. To see your logo proudly displayed on our website, as part of an incredible network of committed and generous contributors, please click here.

Stay tuned for more hotness soon.

Signing off,
Tim & Scott.