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Who we are

Smart Employment Solutions enables tradespeople to take on apprentices without the hassle of screening & recruiting, paying wages, or organising college.  There is no additional cost to you, no recruitment fees or hidden costs: a simple hourly rate is charged ONLY when the apprentice is on-site.

Smart Employment Solutions is a recognised leader in employment and training services, having helped more than 20,000 apprentices and trainees into their chosen careers over the past 35 years.

We deeply value our Host Employers and their dedication to the careers, training and mentoring of Queensland apprentices.

What we do

Our valued Host Employers are invoiced ONLY for when the apprentice is on-site, usually 38 weeks of the year.   All public holidays, annual leave, sick leave and college are not invoiced as these days are covered by the standard hourly invoiced rate.

Smart Employment Solutions is a not-for-profit, registered Charity.  Our mission is to provide training and education opportunities through apprenticeships and traineeships focussing on young people.

For Host Employers it means less hassle and more time to concentrate on running your business.

Why Choose Us?

We look after everything to do with the Apprentice. We are the leaders in Employment and Training Services with regular new and enthusiatic candidates.

For more information and a full list of current candidates to fit your needs, please leave your details below.

Smart Employment Solutions recruits your new apprentice for free

Staff Recruitment

Smart Employment Solutions Does the Work Place Health and Safety Testing

Work Place Health & Safety Testing

Smart Employment solutions pays for and manages the Apprentice's Work Cover

Work Cover

Smart Employment Solutions Pays the Apprentices Wages

All Apprentice Wages

Smart Employment Solutions Administers and Pays all the Tax for the Apprentice

All Income Tax

Smart Employment Solutions Administers & Pays the Superannuation

All Superannuation

Smart Employment Solutions Administers & Pays the Annual Leave

Annual Leave & Personal Leave

Smart Employment Solutions Administers & Pays the Sick Leave

Sick Leave

Smart Employment Solutions Administers & Pays the Public Holiday Pay

Public Holiday Pay

Smart Employment Solutions Administers College Bookings & Pays During College

College Bookings and Wages During College

Smart Employment Solutions Administers & Issues Apprentice Uniforms & PPE

Issuing Apprentice Uniforms & PPE

We take care of all Government Department contact

All Government Department Contacts

Host Employer Responsibilities

Apprentices at work on a construction site

How it Works

1. Initial Meeting

We meet with you in order to gain an understanding of your business and identify positions that may be legitimately filled with apprentices or trainees.

Working with you, we will develop a profile of the right person for your business.

2. Cross Match Candidates

We cross match with our available candidates to your needs and select the best candidate for the position.

A shortlist of those candidate is presented to you, allowing you to make your final choice.

3. Start Work

The apprentice or trainee starts working with you.

We pay their wages, take care of all paperwork, and coordinate their training and do performance monitoring.  You are only invoiced for when the apprentice is on-site.

An Employment Officer is assigned to maintain regular contact with you and your apprentice, to provide assistance where and when appropriate.

4. Change of Circumstances

We act swiftly to assist you and your business if  circumstances change.

We need 10 working days’ notice if you no longer require the apprentice or trainee and to find another Host Employer for the Apprentice or Trainee.

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Welcome to our New Apprentices

Jake is cracking into a plumbing apprenticeship

Cabinet Maker 1st Year Apprentice

Jarod joined us as a third year cabinet maker apprentice

a third year cabinet maker apprentice

William is starting his first year in an electrician apprenticeship

1st year Electrical Apprentice

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What our Hosts Say

Dave MacArthur - DTM Metal Roofing

I have been dealing with Smart Employment (Mick) for roughly 3 months now.

In this time I have been extremely happy with them. Mick is easy to deal with and has made the whole process from beginning till now effortless. They have done a good job in screening to hire their workers, as my apprentice is hard working, smart and hasn’t complained once. Something that is rare to find theses days.

I really like that SES really tries to look after the host as well as the apprentice. I find it extremely helpful that in the trade of roofing we don’t get charged for rain days as the Queensland weather can be so fickle.

I would highly recommend Smart Employment Solutions to other businesses looking to put on an apprentice.


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