The Recruitment Process

How we work for you

Selecting the right employee to best suit your business can be a risky and difficult process. Advertising, sourcing, interviewing can all be extremely time consuming, frustrating and often, disappointing. That’s why so many business turn to the experts in recruitment, at Smart Employment Solutions, for help.
Smart Employment Solutions understand that finding the right employee does not simply come down to focusing solely on skills and experience, but the culture and ‘fit’ of a client’s business to the prospective candidate. So many agencies don’t take the time to really know their clients, so how can they find the right employee?
At Smart Employment Solutions we want to work with you, for you. We aim to build partnerships with our clients, to know and understand your business, your team and your future. We don’t want to be seen as a costly outsourcing option, but a team you can call on for experienced advice, quality service and a consultative approach at any time.
Understanding what you need is a task our Consultants take seriously. All our Consultants are experienced in the industry for which they recruit. They’ve been there, and worked in similar roles themselves – so truly know what sort of person it takes to get the job done! Whether you are looking for White or Blue collar staff – Smart Employment Solutions have got you covered.
Smart Employment Solutions is one of the fairest priced, highest, quality and down-to-earth companies around. Servicing all of South East Queensland.

Company Overview

Here at Smart Employment Solutions, we excel at finding and managing staffing solutions for businesses, as part of the Smart Group. Since its foundation in 1986, Smart Employment Solutions have been assisting candidates and clients in making the right decision with regards to employment. We have built our reputation as a provider of quality employees throughout Queensland and the Eastern states by successfully placing uncountable numbers of candidates into careers of their choice.
Our team of highly professional and responsive industry experts provide all the support, knowledge and advice candidates and clients need during the hiring and placement process. We ensure candidates are aptly experienced and qualified when presenting them to clients, and ensure candidates are given the choice and exposure to find their ideal role.
Here at Smart Employment Solutions, we excel at finding and managing people solutions for businesses. It is our aim to be the leading provider of people solutions in every market in which we participate.
People are the core of our business. We believe that when the right people are matched with the right business, success for all is the result. Therefore when you meet with us you may expect a much more detailed and thorough approach to entering into a business relationship or partnership than you may find with some other businesses. This approach allows us to ensure that the work we undertake is given the greatest chance of success for all involved.

Areas of Expertise

Smart Employment Solutions is able to offer staffing solutions across many industries. Our Consultants have worked in the areas for which they recruit, giving them a true understanding of what is required in specific industry related positions. Below is a list of the areas for which we recruit – if you have any queries, do not hesitate to contact us.
  • Engineering
  • Hospitality & Tourism
  • Industrial Labour
  • Electrical
  • Office Support
  • Transport & Logistics
  • Construction

Recruitment Process Overview

  • Job Order Stage
  • Database Search
  • Advertising
  • Resume Screening
  • Telephone Screening
  • Interviewing
  • Candidate Testing
  • Reference Checks
  • Shortlist
  • Client Interviews
  • Placement
  • Placement Management
At Smart Employment Solutions, we understand that all business are different and may require specific or additional flexibility. If there is something in particular that you would like us to add in our process to specifically suit your business, feel free to discuss this openly with your Consultant. We appreciate your ideas and understand that all businesses are different and may require differing or additional requirements in the hiring process.

What We Do & How it Works…

1. Take Job Order

At a time convenient to you, one of our experienced Consultants will come to you to discuss in detail your specified requirement.

2. Database Search

After establishing a detailed report of exactly what you are looking for, our Consultants will search our extensive Candidate Database for any suitable matches for the position.

3. Advertising

Along with an extensive Database search, Consultants trained specifically in advertising, will advertise the position on several Internet sites including

4. Resume Screening

Our Consultants will screen every applicant resume for the position. All candidates, unsuitable or suitable, will be promptly contacted and advised of the outcome or when they may expect contact from us.

5. Telephone Screening

Extensive telephone screening will be conducted on those candidates, whose resumes are deemed as suitable for the specified position, further narrowing down the field to find the most suited candidate for the position.

6. Interviewing

Consultants experienced in effective Interviewing techniques, including Behavioural Interviewing, will conduct interviews with candidates deemed as suitable from telephone screen. Interviews are extensive and thorough, covering past histories and behaviours as well as what the candidate is ideally seeking in their career.

7. Reference Checks

Of candidates deemed successful from interview, 3 extensive reference checks if available with past employers will be carried out to judge the performance and suitability of the candidate.

8. Shortlist

A shortlist of 3-5 of the most suitable candidates will be presented to the client. Included is the employment history of the candidate, qualifications, testing results, reference checks (if requested) and profile as perceived by the interviewing Consultant.

9. Client Interviews

From the presented shortlist, clients will select which candidates they choose to interview. Your Consultant will organise all the relevant details for the interview with chosen candidates. Upon completion of interviews, your Consultant will discuss with you the feedback from interviews and inform candidates of the outcomes.

10. Placement

Your Consultant will offer the successful candidate on your behalf and discuss any questions or issues with both the candidate and the client as they arise.

11. Placement Management

Our job does not just end with placement. Your Consultant will be in regular contact with you and the candidate to ensure that all expectations are being met. Performance evaluations will be carried out every 3 month. Your Consultant is always available to provide support and advice to the client and candidate alike.